DIY Peter Pan Collar Necklaces!

Hey Everyone!

I’ll be showing you guys how to make this really cute Peter pan collar necklaces. I dunno about you, but I’m a huge fan of the peter pan collar trend right now. What I’m not a fan of is, going to a store seeing a top, dress or whatever it is with a peter pan collar, because I only want the collar, not the rest of the clothe. So with this peter pan collar you could add it with any basic top or dress, which is fantastic 🙂

Let’s get started!

What you’ll need:

  • Any felt of your choice
  • Pattern
  • Tacky Glue
  • Pearls, glitter, brads, or studs
  • Ribbon
  • Brush
  • Scissors

So, all these necklaces require the same base. Take the piece of felt and fold it in half, Take the pattern and line it with the fold side of the felt. Outline the pattern and cut them out


Next, paint the glue all over the color with your brush.


Glitter time! Sprinkle the glitter all over the collar, make sure to make a good covering. Any color of your choice 🙂


Shake out any excess glitter, and let them dry a little bit.

Grab the ribbon and wrap it around your neck for measurement, and cut the ribbon in half for two equal pieces. Take some glue and apply it to the tip of the necklace, and attach the ribbon.


You don’t have to worry about them splitting apart, because the glue is really strong and the necklace is pretty light.

And then this is what you end up with, a really pretty glittery collar 🙂


So that’s one necklace down, and moving on to the studded necklace.

I just used the exact same base on a different color of felt. and now taking some brads and just pressing the brads through the felt, its really easy. And you just flip it over and fold down the stud prongs.


All that’s left to do is cut your ribbon and glue it on.


You could put another felt on the back to cover the prongs. But since it won’t scratch my skin. I didn’t. Its completely optional.

After letting it dry. There we have it, our studded collar 🙂


Now for the pearled necklace, outline the outer edge with the glue and line the pearls around the edge.


For the middle section, I find it easier to work in patches because it dries to fast. And then take a handful of pearls and sprinkle then over the glue. Press them down, repeat that across the middle section.


Just cut the ribbon and glue it at the back of the collar. And that is pretty much it. I recommend to let this dry overnight. Because there is more glue involved. And when you wake up you’ll end up with a pretty collar like this 🙂


That is is 🙂 I hope you enjoyed and found this helpful 🙂